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House Louise

Bulletin Board Quilt Instructional

Bulletin Board Quilt Instructional

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Make a quilt to display your stitched art.

Bulletin Board Quilt is a wall quilt designed to display stitched pieces. It’s called the Bulletin Board Quilt because you can take the stitched pictures off and put new ones on, like you can with papers on a bulletin board.

Each quilt block is a picture frame. The stitched pieces are hand stitched to the finished quilt using a basting stitch, and can be removed and replaced, so you can vary your display as often as you like. Stitched pieces can be embroidery, slow stitched pieces, applique, patchwork, anything you like. This quilt gives you a new way to display your personal art.

The purchase is a PDF downloadable instructional for making two different versions of the quilt. It also includes instructions on how to customize your own design, according to the sizes of the pieces you want to display, and the size of the quilt itself. You can make endless versions of this quilt using this instructional. The quilts as pictured measure 44" high by 58" wide.


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