Wouldn't you Love to Hide your TV?

Quilt frame for TV cover

Wall mounted TV’s are increasingly common. They take much less space and can provide a better viewing angle than the old entertainment centers. However, when the TV is off, it’s not a very appealing wall decoration. We have a TV mounted on the wall above our living room fireplace, which doesn’t match the colonial revival style of our house. My husband liked the TV there, but I thought it was rather ugly. I looked online and found a company that sold a picture frame that hid the TV behind the picture. The picture rolled up like a window shade to reveal the TV. Only it cost $3000. (not kidding). I found a more cost effective and equally pleasing solution to this first world problem by making a frame for the TV and covering the TV with a quilt. Very clever, I thought. My invention turned out so well and I got so many compliments on it that I decided to offer my design for sale.

There is a TV behind this quilt.

The Quilt Frame for TV Cover is a wooden frame that surrounds the TV, protruding from the wall like a bookcase without shelves, not like a picture frame. A quilt is fastened to the top of the frame. A Roman shade apparatus is attached on the inside. To raise or lower the quilt, you pull a string, just like a window shade operates. When the quilt is lowered, the TV is completely concealed and there is no more marital discord about where the TV should be placed or how unsightly it is. And, for us quilters, we have another reason to make a quilt.

Is your TV a candidate for the Quilt Frame for TV Cover? This is a complex but doable project, which also makes it a satisfying one. Here are some things for you to consider, with a quiz you can take at the end.

Consider your TV

 TV manufacturers use the diagonal measurement of the screen to describe the TV size. A 55” TV has  screen that measures 55” from corner to diagonal corner. However, the side to side and top to bottom measurements vary slightly, even if among TVs of the same diagonal screen size. This frame works for TVs of the 55” to 65” screen sizes. I haven’t tested it on a larger TV.

Consider your wall space

The frame is larger than the TV. Just because you have a great place for your TV doesn’t mean there will be room for the frame.

Illustration of quilt frame area

Here is the formula for determining the finished size of the frame, in inches:

(Height of the TV x 1.33) + 1.5 = height of the frame

Width of the TV + 5.5 = width of the frame

The quilt extends a few inches on each side of the frame, and a few inches below the frame, so keep this in mind as you consider the space where you want to hang the frame.

Consider your wall mount

In my experience, the most difficult aspect of this project was getting the TV mounted on the wall. My husband and my son, two very handy guys, together took all day to do this. But, not because of the quilt frame. It was because mounting a TV on the wall is hard. You will likely need some help with this part. If you decide you want a Quilt Frame TV Cover, get the kit and instructions BEFORE YOU GET THE TV MOUNTED ON THE WALL so you can be sure to place the TV properly in relation to the frame. Because you do not want to have to do that part over again.

Also, consider how far out from the wall your mounting bracket holds the TV. There are many bracket types on the market. You want one that keeps the TV as close to the wall as possible. Standard widths of lumber are 5 1/2,” 7 1/2’” and 9 1/2” wide. So if you want to use the narrow option of 5 1/2” lumber, you should have a bracket that places the outer surface of the TV no more than 5” from the wall. If the TV is 5”-7” from the wall, use 7 1/2” wide lumber. For this project, the most a TV can protrude from the wall is 9” and that will require that the wider option of 9 1/2” lumber be used.

Consider your skills

To accommodate different sizes of TVs, the Quilt Frame TV Cover kit is sold with everything you need to make the frame, except the lumber, the quilt, the TV and the TV mounting bracket. (Which I realize are the main ingredients of the project). Included in the kit are the many small components that make up the shade apparatus, and the hardware to construct and hang the quilt and the frame. And the brilliantly written detailed instructions that took me a long time to formulate. The instructions are based on measurements and calculations made on a worksheet that is included. The frame will be exactly the size you need for your TV. After you fill in the worksheet and determine the exact size of lumber you need, you can purchase the lumber and have it cut to size at the store, so you don't need a saw for this project. You will need to drill some holes for the brackets that hold the frame together, and there is a detailed explanation of how to assemble the Roman shade apparatus. If I can make it, mostly anyone can make it.

Consider the quilt

Many times, the exact size of a quilt project does not matter much. In this case, the quilt needs to be as close to the size calculated on the worksheet as possible. And it should be as accurate a rectangle as possible. This project will require a custom made quilt with specific measurements.

The quilt also needs to be pliable enough to fold easily with the Roman shade. A quilt that has dense quilting or lots of layers of fabric and/or construction materials is not a good choice for this project. A quilt that that drapes like a bed cover works well. I used light weight polyester batting to good effect.

Final quiz to determine if Quilt Frame for TV Cover is a good choice for you

1)  Do you have, or plan to have, a wall mounted TV, in the size range of 55”-65”? If no, you absolutely don’t need this product.

2)   Do the height and width math problem above. Do you have wall space for the frame and quilt? Again, “no” eliminates the option.

3)    Measure the distance from the wall to the outermost surface of your wall mounted TV. Is it less than 9”, or can you get a bracket that holds the TV less than 9” from the wall?

4)   Do you quilt, or do you know someone anxious to make you a beautiful custom quilt to place on your frame? If no, ask around. The world is full of quilt crazed people. Surely someone can help you.

5)   Can you take accurate measurements and operate a power drill, or know someone who can help you with this? If no, consider practicing these simple skills until you are proficient. Think how powerful you will feel if you can learn to build something  all by yourself. 

6)   Do you have any skills you can trade with someone else who can help you with questions 4 and/or 5? I bet you do.

The ideal candidate for this project will answer “yes” to all questions. The answer to 1-3 must all be “yes.” “Yes” is also the best answer to the last three questions, but if these answers are “no” you can work on these issues if you still want the frame.

I hope this has been helpful and that you decide you can’t go on without a Quilt Frame for TV Cover. I love the quilt that hides our TV and I am glad I did this project. Pulling a string to hide the TV is like casting a magic vanishing spell. Easy and instant.

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