About me

Hello, I’m Rachel. My middle name is Louise. I live in Colorado with my husband and our dog Gus. We have three grown children and thre granddaughters, some family nearby and some far away. 

I love to make all kinds of stuff, especially stuff that is useful: quilts, pot holders, aprons, bags, knitwear, toys, etc. Once I made some horse panniers, blaze orange, for my husband to use on his annual hunting trip. It took me a month of intensive work to make four of them, and I dreamed in orange. They turned out so well that my father in law gave me flowers. Here are the mighty hunters and their homemade horse panniers:

For me, making things is therapeutic. I enjoy the process of making, and I like seeing my projects in use. I like making gifts for others to use. I like being able to make what I need. Usefulness and my own aesthetic are what drive my designs. I hope you find something useful here, and apply your own aesthetic. Maybe it will be therapeutic for you too.