Display Your Stitching on a Bulletin Board Quilt

Bulletin Board Quilt

What to do with all those beautiful stitched pieces?

I love to embroider. I love the sheen of embroidery thread. I love working with fabric and thread. I love the pictures "painted" with thread. I love the materials, the process, and the final product. The only downside may be, too much finished product. What to do with all those stitched pieces? Many people display them in embroidery hoops or frame them and hang them on the wall. You can make a decorative pillow, a journal cover, a zipper bag, a piece of clothing that features your stitched art. 

Another display option

I designed a quilt that provides another option to display those lovely stitched pieces. The quilt blocks are like empty frames. Embroidery or other stitched pieces  are stitched onto the blocks using a basting stitch. I can change the pictures in the frames as I like, just like you can with pictures on a bulletin board.

Bulletin board quilt, empty frames

Bulletin Board Quilt, empty frames


Bulletin Board Quilt with stitched pieces

Bulletin Board Quilt with stitched pieces on display


Make your own Bulletin Board Quilt

I made a downloadable instructional on how to make this quilt, called the Bulletin Board Quilt. It is a simple quilt. Its measurements are 44" high and 58" wide. The  instructional has two layout options, shown in the photos above. It includes instructions to design you own layout and size, so you can customize it to suit your needs. The instructional can be purchased here.

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